By the title of this text, you can already imagine what the subject of the blog post here today, right? Yes, let’s talk about dental care and how a perfect smile improves our self-esteem and our self-esteem.

I will share with you a little of my experience. I’ve never been too much to take care of my smile, I’ve never been in the habit of going to the dentist often and of course with the passage of time I’ve been noticing that my smile was not as wholesome and wholesome as it used to be.

As I work with customer service, this issue has left me very unmotivated because it directly affects my appearance and I value it very much. I’m always in makeup, with flawless hair and painted nails, so realizing that people started to notice the one thing that was not perfect bothered me a lot.

So I had to find a dentist who worked with tooth whitening to improve that aspect of my appearance. Since I live in Florida, I was highly recommended by a dental clinic called Minty Dental Studio, and I decided to go to their website to see if they could help me.

I went to and I saw that they not only performed this type of procedure, but they were also specialists in esthetic dentistry, which was great for me. I quickly checked my appointment there, from the same site, and started with the teeth whitening treatment.

And it was amazing how I regained my self-esteem after that! Now, I only get compliments and everyone asks me where I did my tooth whitening, and as I loved the result, I take advantage of it and tell Minty Dental Studio to everyone who asks me. It was well worth it and it’s a lesson so that I never neglect the care of my smile again.